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Pacific Garbage Patch March 18, 2010

The Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the huge issues with water and animals. The Pacific garbage patch is a big huge spot in the ocean that all the currents meet. All the garbage collected their and stays there in the Pacific Ocean. Some people say it is bigger than the state of Texas in the United States. The Pacific garbage patch is located in between North America and Asia. The patch is pretty much full of just plastic and plastic does not disintegrate away so it just goes into really small chunks after time. The problem with the little plastic pieces is that the fish and birds are eating because they think it is food for them. Not that the plastic will hurt them when they eat it but when they do eat they are full of eating but there is no nutrient in it so they die from not eating real food. They think that it is a fish or something so they eat it.

I think that it is really gross they have this and it is really scary that it has grown over half in five years. That just shows that every year the world is using more garbage and are more care less.

Do you think this is fair? How can we prevent this from getting bigger?


6 Responses to “Pacific Garbage Patch”

  1. airforceracer Says:

    That is disgusting all that garbage I could never imagine seeing all that garbage. Nice post though.

  2. Nicolee13 Says:

    That must of been a really big garbage patch if it was that big.T They should clean up it so it does not stay their forever. It is killing lots of animals in the water because they will not stop eating it. It is not fair to anyone, people can prevent this so their is no garbage . People should just go out and clean everything thing about the pacific garbage patch .
    Good blog post.

  3. Torie Paige Says:

    I like how you described how the animals are dieing and everything else!! I didn’t know that the pacific garbage patch was that big.

  4. parker Says:

    I think you have a really good post because its interesting its
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  5. marianastrench1027 Says:

    Good job on your bvlog post it has lots of useful info. I think that it is sick that the animals are eating the plastic in the garbage patch then dieing. Good job.

  6. jessica Says:

    It is sad that the animals think it is food. They could die from it , poor animals.

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