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Graphs April 11, 2010

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-People 18 years and older Female like to watch the most TV

-The ages between 2 to 11 watch more TV everywhere except in Nova Scotia.

– Ages 18 and Over for male watch less TV than People 18 and Over for Females.

-18 and over for males watch more tv than ages 2 to 11.

-In Quebec Anglophones 1 ages 18 and over Female watch the most TV

– I noticed that In Quebec Anglophones 1 woman 18 years or older watch the most TV so that may mean they have more TV channels or better TV channels.

-I noticed that teens watch the most TV all around Canada, so that means that teens are probally outside or doing other things than watching TV.

-I noticed that male 18 years or older watch less TV than women 18 years or older, that means that men have more things to do than women in there day.


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