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Beginnings In A Novel- The Sèance May 7, 2010

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The book that I am reading is The Sèance, it is a mystery book. So far I have only read 42 pages which is 3 chapters. The book is briefly about these girls who have a Sèance which is a thing that you can talk to the dead, and a girl disappears out of no where during it and find out she was killed some how but no one knows who killed her.

This book is tooken place in a small town because it tells you at the beginning that there school doesn’t have very many people and that this girl moves from a big city to there in a small town.

There are many different characters in this book, but it has one main character so you only hear from one side of the story, the main character tells a bit about herself as well as the other people who are with her.  Most of the descriptions that sh is telling are how old they are, how they act, and how they look. Lauren which is the main character is a nice average person that wishes she was popular like her step sister, but still has a few friends. She also lives with her auntie because her parents died. This character to me is a very a well known normal person, it isn’t like a girl who is magical and stuff she is actually someone who you could believe as a real person.

At the beginnineg of the book it mostly is getting ready for what is about to happen in the book like the whole point of the book is the Sèance. So they start off by trying to get people to go to it and talk about who hates who.  Than by about page 28 they are at the sèance and the mystery part of the book starts happening.

The book is well writen because it tells about what is happening when they are talking or what is happen when they are just standing there, than you can feel like you are in the story and you are one of the characters. The only part I don’t like about it is you only hear one part of the story, because the main girl is thinking one thing and that is all you know, you don’t get to know what other people are thinking about the same subject.

My predictions for this book is they are going to have another sèance to ask the dead who took Sara and other girl is going to be tooken away and murdered. Than they will find out after a while that Sara was murdered and same with the other girl. Everyone is going to worry and be scared who murdered Sara and the other girl. Hopefully and eventually they will find out who did this to Sara and the other girl.

The beginning is the time the catch and keep your readers. A beginning of a story is very important, if you don’t get you readers eye at the beginning they are not going to read the rest of your story, even if the middle of the story or the end of the story is really good they will never know.


2 Responses to “Beginnings In A Novel- The Sèance”

  1. sumari1 Says:

    Your book that you are reading sounds very intersting. It also sounds kind of mysteries and scary at the same time. The seems a bit weird!? It would be cool to know from all the different points of view, but some people opinions can be different and that might have ruined the book, but if you have the other persons point of view then you also might know more about the book itself. I like your post and keep up the good work.

  2. Nicolee13 Says:

    Your book sounds very intresting , it seems a bit scary too. The book your reading is like mine, it starts off the same.
    Good blog post.

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