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Characters and Conflicts- Week 2 May 14, 2010

Characters in a book is something that is in every book, they have to be described good for the reader to understand the people. In a book there is normally a main character and then a few other characters too. Not all characters have to be liked though, authors normally put a character that no one will like because the character is always doing bad things so the good person. That is were characters and conflicts come in together. Characters always have a fight whether it is a physically or verbally  fight. There are many types of conflicts, there is people vs. people, people vs. nature, people vs. society, and people vs. themselves. In a book there are more than one conflict that happens, usually the conflicts get bigger the more time you get into the book.

In my book so far things have slowed down a bit compared to at the beginning of the book. The few chapters that I read this time was mostly about trying to find out who took Sara and trying to organize everything about her and get all the stories straight. A guy was down at the Thicket and found Sara’s body in a pond. The guy brought her back and took her to Sheriff Novell. The stories people think why this may have had happen was she left the house some how and then she went to go meet someone at the Thicket, but the person that she was meeting up with murdered her and left her in the pond. They are having a funeral for her and her mom came in for it.

In my book there is only an internal conflict because Lauren which is Sara’s step sister is having a hard time  getting used of the point that her step sister just  disappeared. There is no one really yet that she is fighting with other than her self. There is always things going through her head, lot of questions that can’t be answered yet or they will never find the answer to. Authors try and make the conflicts grow and change because they like it to start off slow and get better and better the more you get in to the book.

In my book my character has really changed from the beginning, she really didn’t like Sara because Sara was really cool at school and Lauren wasn’t, Lauren was always scared and worried of a lot. Now in the book she really cares about Sara because she is gone forever and she will never come back and Lauren feels like it is was all her fault  that this happened because she was at the Sèance with her. Now Lauren always worries her self and isn’t that scared of everything because she has been through a lot of bad things since this had happened. But now she isn’t really self confident as much like she used to be.

In my book there really isn’t many people that seem to be the bad guy the only guy I don’t like is the sheriff  because he isn’t all that scared of what had happened to a teenager.  They put characters in a book that people won’t like so that the conflict will seem more interesting and you will get more into the good character.

Now that I am more into the middle of the book the author has slowed down on discribing how they look, the authors do that because now the readers have there first imprestion on them.


2 Responses to “Characters and Conflicts- Week 2”

  1. airforceracer Says:

    Nice blog and I really like your description of the characters.

  2. gibson106 Says:

    I really like this blog post, on how you explained conflicts of all kinds. Also of the charaters that they might not like and why the author puts it in the book.

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