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Clean water March 10, 2010

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Clean water is water with no chemicals or dirt in it, all it is, is pure water. Clean water is a short of supply in the world; there are many houses and countries that do not have access to clean water. It is also impossible for a human eye to see if it is clean water or not. Many people that when water is clear it is clean because they is no dirt in it but clear water can have chemicals in it that are clear and very small. There could be the clearest water in the world but really it could be one of the dirtiest and very unhealthy water.

Access for clean water is really hard for some people around the world but then there are others who have clean water all the time. 70% of the world is covered by water, from ocean, precipitation, ground water and surface water. But the problem is to get clean water from those surfaces are a lot of money, around $200 billion it takes to keep clean water running. I think it isn’t fair when there is enough clean water for everyone but some people have more than they need and others have either no clean water at all or very little of water. In really poor countries people have to work to get water they can’t just turn on their tap and get water. Like in Africa only forty-six percent of people have safe drinking water and 7% of clean water is in Canada. There is a shortage of clean water around the world for some people and it is a big issue that some people don’t consider.


Spam Problems March 6, 2010

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Experts from BitDefender were studying spam emails and comments that people get. They wanted to see why and what they like to say to people to try and get them to do what they want people to do. Spam is normally saying nice things because they want you to buy their product or want to mess up your computer by giving you a virus. Spam emails are used for other things but those are the main uses.

The experts found out that the most word used in spam is ‘Please’. They would use the word please a lot because they want to be nice to get you to where they want you. If they were being mean in the spam emails than why would someone want to go do what they want if they are being mean.

Another word that is in spam is ’email’, they would say email because they are saying like you can email us or when it is on websites they may say you have a email waiting for you but really they are giving you a virus when you click their or making you go to some random site.

Another word that they use is click, they have click in a lot of spam because they would say click here and you will get your prize or click here and you will see something amazing.

In Mr. Fisher’s class one day we were talking about spam comments that we get in our comment box on our blog or in our junk box on emails. He said that they are some people in the class that thought it was a normal comment so approved it onto their blog, the comment would be saying nice blog you did a really good job on it and on and on. To see if it is spam or not you have to look at who it was from. If it was from a company than it is probably spam. Not only do you get a lot of spam for comments but people also get them in their inbox for emails. Mostly your inbox will look at it and then put it in your junk emails so that you don’t look at them because they are a waste of time and the time to see or they are bad to see.

People normally get spam from places they went on the internet and the people that own the website take your IP address on your computer and send you an email to your computer or the people that are making spam look through the internet and find people that may be interested in their topic and give them a comment or email.

This is a picture that shows words used in spam messages the big words are the words that are used the most in spam and the small words are the words that they don’t use very often


Here is a website telling you what spam is, why it is bad and why there is spam.


Heroes February 3, 2010

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To me a hero is a person that is whiling to risk their life for someone else. Some people many think that is hero is a person that they look up to and they always help them like a little kid saying my mom is my hero. What that really is, is being a role model. Many people have a real role model but not a hero. Hero sometimes die from trying to be a hero others life from being a hero. An example of an everyday hero is firefighters; they are heroes because they go in a burning building to go get people out of a fire. They may come back out alive or maybe even dead. But they are still risking their life to try and save a life or lives. A single hero is like Rosa Parks for helping pretty much everyone in the world because of racism. It may have made some people mad but she is good for standing up for the black people, because they had it harder than the white people.

Rosa Parks was a girl that stood up to racism. She discovered how bad racism was when she was going on the bus and the bus river said that the black people had to sit at the back and she sat up front. The bus driver yelled at her to get to the back and she didn’t than the bus driver called the cops. Rosa Park’s went to jail and then she went to get a drink. The guard said that only white people could get a drink so she wasn’t allowed to get one. She got out and after a while the rules change that white and black people were the same.  Rosa Parks changed racism and helped a lot of people. She is a hero because she changed the way people lived by making black and white people pretty much the same. She went to jail just to change racism. So she risked her life by going to jail to help black and white people the same.


One Wish … Cure For Cancer December 17, 2009

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Cure for cancer is something that is really big now days. With Terry Fox program trying to raise money for a cure and there is many more little programs to raise money for it.
About a hundred years ago cancer was a rare disease to get, now 1 out of 4 people will get cancer. There are many different kinds of cancer like lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer and still many more different type of cancer. Lung cancer is shown that most people die from it. Lots of people get lung cancer because of smoking, now days lots of people smoke at any age and is starting to be a more important issue because it can cause cancer.
World’s top scientists claimed that when consumed, the components of certain raw fruit seeds make it just about impossible to develop cancer and will kill existing cancer in most cases. Like apricot seeds work the best, if you eat 7 apricot seeds a day you will you have less of a chance of getting cancer .
With the number of people who we have in the world which is about 6 and 1/2 billion people (6 500 000 000) and then 1 out of 4 people will get cancer that is about 1 500 000 000 people will get cancer.
A cure for cancer will have an effect on everyone’s lives it will save many people’s lives and many peoples family members. If we don’t we will lose many people in the world all from the same disease. Anyone of any age can get it, some babies that are just born can get it. People from the age 0 to any age can get it
I would wish for a cure for cancer because cancer effects everyone in the world. Weather  it is them self that have cancer or a family member that have cancer. Cancer now is more of a popular disease and will probably increase as time goes by just like it has the past 100 years. But if we had a cure for cancer than it will save many people’s lives.


The Outsiders 9-12 December 3, 2009

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The end of the book was very surprising in some places other I knew was going to happen. Like Johnny died, he was really struggling to try and live. I wouldn’t really want to live like what he was going to live like if he was going to be OK and out of the hospital, not saying that I would want to die instead of struggling because he could still see sights that he never got to see yet. I kind of think that he wanted to die because he would have to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life with his parents, his parents may have smarted up a little bit to trying to help him but if he was having a hard time he wouldn’t be able to run away to far.

The things that I didn’t think we’re going to happen was Dally dyeing, if he was going to die I thought he was going to die because of him getting hurt in the fire not because he robbed a store than got shot by the police. I think Dally should have not token that chance of getting caught by the cops just because he was mad and sad about Johnny. Dally was a guy that wasn’t scared of anything, and then took a big bad chance.

Ponyboy was also having a hard time at the end too. He was a little sick at the rumble than was a sleep for a couple of days. I am really glad that Darry and Soda made sure that he was all good and wanted to keep an eye on him 24/7 to make sure he is OK. I think it is nice that the three of them always are looking out for each other no matter how hard it is to do. The three of them really want to be together forever. They don’t want to be split up and them having to live in their own home. It is kind of scary that he slept for a couple of days than woke up and couldn’t remember what happened. He forgets a couple a things that happened, but he remembered some things.


The Outsiders Ch. 5-8 November 26, 2009

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In the Outsiders right now lots of things have changed in it. Lots of things are turned around. In the Outsiders there are two sides of the town and there are enemies the two sides, which is causing alot of problems.

In real life there is always rumbles were people fight and there is always people getting killed because they got beat up or something. It is really bad though that it is happening in all parts of the world. In the Outsiders Johnny and Ponyboy ran away because they were mad at their family. There is lots of teenagers that do that. They go and run to there friends or try and get out of the city sometimes so that they aren’t seen by people. But normally when you run away you will come back sometime. Than when you are gone away from home you always run into trouble weather that is you can’t figure how to live alone or you are hurt and in the hospital because you didn’t know what was right or wrong. Same thing happened to Johnny and Ponyboy. They ran away from home than the place that they were sleeping at caught on fire and they went inside it to save people and now Johnny is in the hospital and so is their friend.

When Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally went into the church with the fire to go and get those kids out of the building that showed that those 3 characters are brave for going into a building with a fire in it. They are also hero’s for going to get the kids in the building. Not only did we learn more about the characters but I think that they learned that they are heroes and they are braver than they thought they were.


The Outsiders Response Journal Ch. 1-4 November 17, 2009

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The Outsiders so far has been really interesting and things that happen in the book are happening right now all around the world. There is always people running away from home and people getting beat up because they are poor and the other people are rich and think poor people are losers. I don’t think that is right to beat up people just because they have less money than you.

The Characters in this book are a little odd but living in a small town you don’t really know what happens in the real world. Ponnyboy and Johnny are pretty much the main characters. They both have a hard times at home and have just about the same problems and they are about the same age too. Ponnyboy has a hard time at home because his parents are dead and Johnny’s parents just don’t love him and abuse him whenever he gets in trouble. Johnny and Ponnyboy are 2 guys that are apart of the greasers and are always getting jumped by the socs. By the sound of things, I think Johnny is really hurting inside because he doesn’t really have anyone to love and anyone always looking after him. Johnny’s kind of is jealous that Ponnyboy has someone that is looking out for him and tells him positive things about him not just the bad things that happen, but he also haves someone that is always yelling at him too . Now that they have ran away it may make them both have time to think of ways to make them have a better life at home and go back.

All the characters in this book are more like gangsters. They are always doing bad things against the law and not to many times they are doing good things that they are allowed to do. I don’t really know how the parents of the gangs are handling them, either they don’t care or they are trying really hard to control their child but just don’t have that much power.