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My future April 27, 2010

It is quite important to think about the future now, because if you want to think about goals that you have, most goals need money to happen so you need to think about what kind of job you are interested in that will make enough money to make the goals happen. Than for the job you need specific high school classes to get into the college or university.

When we were doing these assignments I learned about jobs that I may what to do, a lot of the jobs that came up on my test results were things I either have never heard about, never really thought about doing before or I don’t see myself doing. Like a diving Instructor or an outdoor guide, I love to be outdoors, I like to teach people new things and I like to be active. I also like new technology and working on computers so some of the other jobs were like a computer programmer, or web developer. Things that I’m not interested in is stuff like talking and going up in front of a whole lot of people because I am really shy, also building things with my hands. I have always wanted to be a photographer, it was on the list of jobs I should do but it was down at about my 25th choice.

One of my goals I want to do in the future is go to the other side of the world, I would either want to go to China or India because they are the fast growing countries right now so they will have a lot of new buildings and technology, I like new things that are currently coming out or things that are new, I don’t like old buildings to see and old things to use.

I also want to have enough money to afford a good boat, ski-doo, camper, quad and things for my kids to be outside and have fun with. I need to have a pretty good job to have those things so in high school I will go in more advance classes than easy classes. To have a good job that will make me enough money to afford all those things I will need to move and live in an urban place. I want to have a normal family life, so I need to try and control a family and a job, and I won’t want to work on weekends, holidays or any other odd hours.

There are many reasons why you need to think of the future now because if you just wait and in grade 12 decide you want to go to college or university you are going to have a hard time. That is one big thing that I learned, but it make sense to think about things before it’s too late.