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Themes- The Scèance June 6, 2010

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This week are talking about themes, themes means what is the overall book based on, what the author concentrating on. In some books that are many themes that are happening, some books may only have a couple. There are thousands and thousands of themes that could be in a book. But some books only have a few out of the thousands. Finding a theme in a book may be hard to find some main ones and why they are a main theme. Some questions for finding a theme would be, what was the story based on? What where things that where happening that would combine as one?. Things like that, than to get deep and know you theme in your book better you have think about were does it show this theme in the book? Than sometimes you also have to think about were that theme wouldn’t go in your book for because one theme isn’t going to be going on all through the book, there are many themes everywhere in the book and not all happening at once.

There isn’t very many themes in my book. But I think the one of the main themes would be friendship. I think it would be friendship because there were a whole bunch of friends together that wanted to go to a sèance together. They all had to stick together because there were 2 people murdered and went missing unsuspectingly. For finding out who did it they tried to find out by asking all of Sara’s friends because they would either know something from what they told her or a friend that didn’t like her that could have killed her. But after when Sara died they didn’t show friendship because they didn’t want to talk to each other about what had happened and then if someone wanted to talk about Sara no one that was at the sèance would want to listen to it.

Another big theme would death because there are two people who got murdered in a pond at the Thicket area. Than all of the friends went and talked to the dead which lead to more death that happened after that. The book is mostly about trying to find out who killed Sara and Roberta. The whole part of the book would be death, with people trying to deal with 2 deaths that happened when talking to the death.

Themes are very important in a book because they show the readers the whole point of the book. Sometimes just reading a bit through the book can make you think what one theme is but some themes for a book can show a bit a the beginning but you don’t notice it until the end of the book were it will really show it. Themes are spread out everywhere. Some themes can be spread out everywhere in a book and some are really and strongly shown in just one spot.